Minecraft Server for The Powder Toy community

Survival: mc.starcatcher.us Port: 25565
Creative: creativemc.starcatcher.us


This is the official Minecraft server for TPT The Powder Toy ».
- Survival and Creative servers, running the latest release of Minecraft, so you'll need a 1.14.* client to join.
- IRC chat relay is available on the freenode channel ##powder-mc.
- Map plugin so you can view the Survival map online Dynmap Viewer »
- Change between Creative and Survival via the /server command (BungeeCord).
The server is running a few other plugins for backup and land protection.


Current OPs are cracker64, jacob614, Simtr. If you need help or have questions, contact one of us either directly on the server, IRC, or TPT website.

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