The Powder Toy Snapshot Server
Bleeding edge TPT versions with auto-update.

Current Snapshot: 143

Using Commit: d435f3083437

Download for Win 32

What is it?

This server builds the latest github source for The Powder Toy.
You can use our builds to test upcoming features before an official release on
Official builds often take months to be released, so this server gives us an alternate location to share what has been changing.

What is different?

All snapshots will ping this server for updates, and prompt if a new version is available.
No session data from your TPT account is ever sent to this server, we only check version data.
Just put this next to the official Powder executable.
This service is run by developers in the TPT community! (cracker64 and jacob1)

Recent Changes
(Win 32)

From snapshot 143:
Fix typo in favorites menu
Fix stasis wall not having blob mode effects
Rewrite LDTC to be less buggy:
Max range not checked properly in certain directions
Off by 1 error in tmp
Out of bounds check in wrong spot
Issues with filter mode
Incorrect default temp / airloss properties
Show LDTC tmp2 in HUD
Allow PROP tool to parse particle type for tmp
Show CONV tmp as element name in HUD

From snapshot 142:
Make ctrl+shift+click toggle favorite status
Check for correct prefix in PROP hex decoding (0 -> #)

From snapshot 141:
Update in-game rules to match the new TPT rules
Rename RAYT to LDTC (linear detector). RAYT in existing saves will disappear.
Fix PIPE being reversed

From snapshot 140:
Fix Saves/ appearing before all saves in local save browser
Make FPS update less often in HUD
Fix blue line in smudge tool texture

From snapshot 139:
Fix scrolling being inversed in the save / stamp browsers

From snapshot 138:
Fix issues with scrolling
View the full changelog here.