The Powder Toy Snapshot Server
Bleeding edge TPT versions with auto-update.

Current Snapshot: 229

Using Commit: 84d6ca693882

What is it?

This server builds the latest github source for The Powder Toy.
You can use our builds to test upcoming features before an official release on
Official builds often take months to be released, so this server gives us an alternate location to share what has been changing.

What is different?

All snapshots will ping this server for updates, and prompt if a new version is available.
No session data from your TPT account is ever sent to this server, we only check version data.
Just put this next to the official Powder executable.
This service is run by developers in the TPT community! (cracker64 and jacob1)

Recent Changes
(Win 32)

From snapshot 229:
Fix potential crash when adding a custom GOL type
Fix ambient air temperature being loaded from saves as int, not float
Convert float pavg[2] to int tmp3, tmp4
Save higher halves of tmp3 and tmp4 if needed (fixes saving photons in PIPE)

From snapshot 228:
Fix custom elements disappearing after rotating a stamp
Fix cursor placement in textboxes with just a single character
Fix extremely rare crash when using water equalization with loop edge mode and other high velocity liquids nearby

From snapshot 227:
Fix memory leaks in interface api
Fix TPT Window breaking sometimes when toggling "resizable window" while in fullscreen
Fix near-RTEMP temperatures being loaded incorrectly in some cases
Fix crash when closing game, while not on the main screen, with Lua components active
Disable text input on startup

From snapshot 226:
Update version number: 96.2 (build 350)
Add a few more Lua functions: sim.replaceModeFlags, sim.listCustomGol, sim.addCustomGol, sim.removeCustomGol, sim.floodDeco, tpt.perfectCircleBrush
LIGH now lasts longer and expands frame-by-frame
Fix issue where stamping LIGH at the right moment caused every LIGH to strike at once

From snapshot 225:
Patch libcurl to fix random disconnect issue in tptmp

From snapshot 224:
Prevent property tool from being used with bad values
All HSV sliders in color picker
Add AMBP and AMBM tools
Optimise undo history memory usage
View the full changelog here.