The Powder Toy Snapshot Server
Bleeding edge TPT versions with auto-update.

Current Snapshot: 135

Using Commit: 38fac7046a7a

Download for Win 32

What is it?

This server builds the latest github source for The Powder Toy.
You can use our builds to test upcoming features before an official release on
Official builds often take months to be released, so this server gives us an alternate location to share what has been changing.

What is different?

All snapshots will ping this server for updates, and prompt if a new version is available.
No session data from your TPT account is ever sent to this server, we only check version data.
Just put this next to the official Powder executable.
This service is run by developers in the TPT community! (cracker64 and jacob1)

Recent Changes
(Win 32)

From snapshot 135:
Fix error messages when adding tags and loading / creating saves being corrupted
Fix FIND mode turning off when selecting elements

From snapshot 134:
Fix float parsing in PROP tool
Fix getting / setting string properties in legacy lua api

From snapshot 133:
Fix getting / setting Description with Lua elements API

From snapshot 132:
Add unicode support. This will eventually allow us to translate the game into other languages
All string handling everywhere has been changed to support unicode. Please watch out for and report any bugs you see

From snapshot 131:
Update the rest of the rng calls
Fix single pixel pipe

From snapshot 130:
Fix another crash when particles are out of bounds
Fix occasional issue where deleting the particle RAYT is detecting would delete the particle it is sparking instead
Update rng calls for elements up to 'P' reverse alphabetically, may fix bugs
View the full changelog here.