The Powder Toy Snapshot Server
Bleeding edge TPT versions with auto-update.

Current Snapshot: 240

Using Commit: 25d6ca9dec8f

What is it?

This server builds the latest github source for The Powder Toy.
You can use our builds to test upcoming features before an official release on
Official builds often take months to be released, so this server gives us an alternate location to share what has been changing.

What is different?

All snapshots will ping this server for updates, and prompt if a new version is available.
No session data from your TPT account is ever sent to this server, we only check version data.
Just put this next to the official Powder executable.
This service is run by developers in the TPT community! (cracker64 and jacob1)

Recent Changes
(Win 32)

From snapshot 240:
Fix crash when trying to load a stamp that doesn't exist
This also fixes syncs in TPTMP crashing the game

From snapshot 239:
Fix snapshots sometimes being debug builds
If your game is slow, bigger than usual, or if it opens a console window, this is why

From snapshot 238:
Return HTTP response headers to Lua
Enable By date button when viewing Favorites
Crop stamp thumbnails that don't fit even when resized
Code cleanup: Fix 8-bit-uncleanliness of most of the Lua API
Code cleanup: DirectionSelector and surrounding code
Code cleanup: Use std::vector consistently for file operations
Code cleanup: Client::DoInstallation
Code cleanup: Update tpt-libs and GitHub Actions workflows

From snapshot 237:
Add custom gravity mode (catsoften - #820)
Expose SDL keycodes and scancodes to Lua
Expose SDL button codes to Lua
Add PowderCoin icon to font
Alias dcolor, pavg0, pavg1 to dcolour, tmp3, tmp4
Make QRTZ slightly change color while growing (Rebmiami - #852)
Performance improvements to simulation code (up to 8%) (savask - #854)

From snapshot 236:
Deprecate tpt.element_func / tpt.graphics_func and replace with compatibility script
Mark saves with GLAS/QRTZ/TUNG as 97.0-only
Fix handling of malformed scale: and proxy: arguments
Add sim.partExists and elem.exists
Add real v parameter to sim.partCreate
Fix PIPE graphics hack giving Lua graphics functions bad particle IDs
Fix exception when passing nil to some functions in interface api

From snapshot 235:
New WTRV + BCOL -> OIL reaction in presence of PTNM
Remove inaccuracy in OIL's description
Make PHOT change its wavelength upon colliding with charged LITH
Use date in screenshot filenames to ensure each screenshot's filename is unique
Let NEUT pass through BGLA
Fix LITH conducting through INSL
View the full changelog here.