The Powder Toy Snapshot Server
Bleeding edge TPT versions with auto-update.

Current Snapshot: 210

Using Commit: ffb88259d651

What is it?

This server builds the latest github source for The Powder Toy.
You can use our builds to test upcoming features before an official release on
Official builds often take months to be released, so this server gives us an alternate location to share what has been changing.

What is different?

All snapshots will ping this server for updates, and prompt if a new version is available.
No session data from your TPT account is ever sent to this server, we only check version data.
Just put this next to the official Powder executable.
This service is run by developers in the TPT community! (cracker64 and jacob1)

Recent Changes
(Win 32)

From snapshot 210:
Fix air being able to go through walls for a frame after undoing
Show NONE in {ctype} signs instead of 0 when an element has no ctype
Fix some legacy lua api functions allowing you to set properties on element 0

From snapshot 209:
Fix issue where Linux version couldn't be launched from some file managers

From snapshot 208:
This snapshot contains no changes, it only has changes for macOS
Update README with info on all the external libraries we use

From snapshot 207:
This one took a while. I'm sorry for the huge delay in getting this out. The snapshot server is back and running now, so check back for future updates.
Upgrade build process to use Meson instead of Scons
Replace build server with Github actions builds. All builds from now on will be built on Github, instead of on Starcatcher
Addition of Windows 64 bit builds. To get the 64 bit versions of the snapshots, please redownload it from the website.
Fix PIPE / PPIP breaking on rotation
Add Hangul main block and supported compat jamos to the font
Fix vertical alignment of text in signs (all signs now render text one character lower, this is to be consistent with the rest of the UI and make room for unicode characters)
Fix crash when giving incorrect arguments to some Lua interface API components
Fix infinite spark loops in photoelectric effect
Make molten ROCK produce vertical clusters of GOLD
Fix QRTZ/GLAS/TUNG breaking on load (again), for cases when pressure is negative
Add shortcut to start menu when installing (ctrl+i)
Don't draw intro text when HUD is disabled
Add ren.showBrush Lua api to hide the brush
Fix icons in Windows Explorer on .cps and .stm files (requires reinstall)
Add composition support (for users using international keyboards)
Add Lua functions to interact with composition: interface.grabTextInput, interface.dropTextInput, interface.textInputRect. Also, new "textediting" event.

From snapshot 205:
Saves using GoL elements are now blocked from publishing online. You may only upload them unpublished
This is to prevent errors in vanilla clients trying to open these saves, as saves with GoL require the unreleased 96.0 version to load
View the full changelog here.